Bumrah is a bowler who paints with pace, a magician who conjures yorkers from thin air. His deliveries are a symphony of skill, precision, and raw power, a sight that leaves batsmen awestruck and crowds roaring in delight. And against the Netherlands, he delivered a masterpiece, a pinpoint yorker that will be etched in the memory of every cricket fan who witnessed it.

Dissecting the Masterstroke: A Ball of Unplayable Beauty:

The Art of Deception:

The beauty of Bumrah’s yorker wasn’t just in its accuracy; it was in its disguise. He disguised his delivery with remarkable skill, masking his intentions until the very last moment. The ball came out of his hand with a deceptive slinging action, making it difficult for de Leede to pick the line and length early. By the time he realized it was a yorker, it was already too late.

Unerring Accuracy:

A Missile Targeting the Off-Stump: Bumrah’s yorker wasn’t just fast; it was unerringly accurate. It landed right at the base of the off stump, the most vulnerable spot for any batsman. The ball didn’t deviate an inch, didn’t wobble in the air, it simply followed its preordained path, leaving de Leede with no room for escape. The satisfying sound of the timber being shattered was a testament to the perfection of the delivery.

Beyond the Wicket: The Impact of a Moment of Brilliance:

A Turning Point in the Match:

Bumrah’s yorker wasn’t just a beautiful delivery; it was a game-changer. The Netherlands were cruising at the time, de Leede looking dangerous. But with his dismissal, the momentum shifted dramatically. The Dutch innings lost its spark, wickets tumbled in quick succession, and India eventually secured a comfortable victory. Bumrah’s yorker had single-handedly turned the tide, showcasing the immense impact a single moment of brilliance can have on the course of a match.

A Symbol of Bumrah’s Mastery:

This wasn’t just a yorker; it was a symbol of Bumrah’s mastery over the art of fast bowling. It was a reminder of his ability to deliver unplayable deliveries at will, to bend the ball to his command, and to leave even the most accomplished batsmen bewildered and defeated. Bumrah is more than just a fast bowler; he’s a bowling artist, and this yorker was his latest masterpiece.


Jasprit Bumrah’s pinpoint yorker to Bas de Leede was a moment of magic that transcended the boundaries of cricket. It was a display of skill, precision, and unwavering determination that left everyone breathless. It was a reminder that in the hands of a true master, even a simple ball can become a weapon of absolute destruction. And as Bumrah continues to weave his magic on the cricket field, one thing is clear: the world is yet to witness the full extent of his genius.

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