Liam Livingstone is one of the most exciting all-rounders in the world, and his wicket of Virat Kohli in the India vs England ODI match on October 29, 2023, was a testament to his skills. One of Livingstone’s most effective weapons is his leg-spin, which took Kohli by surprise.

Livingstone’s Leg-Spin deceived Kohli

Not known for making bad strokes, Kohli is one of the best batsmen in the world. He mistimed his hit against Livingstone’s leg-spin, though, and was caught at deep midwicket. Livingstone’s leg-spin is difficult to read, and it has deceived many top batsmen in the past.

Kohli’s Wicket was a crucial moment in the game

As India reached 131/4 in the 31st over following Kohli’s removal, the game turned around. India eventually rallied to score 229/9, but England’s 47 overs to reach the mark proved insufficient.

Livingstone’s wicket of Sharma

Livingstone’s wicket of Sharma was a crucial moment in the India vs England ODI match. Sharma is one of the best batsmen in the world, and his wicket put England in a strong position. Sharma could not interpret Livingstone’s delivery.

The turning point of the Match

Sharma’s wicket was the turning point of the match. England bowled India out for 229/9, and they chased down the target in 47 overs.

Livingstone’s flighted delivery deceived Sharma

Pull shots against flighted deliveries are not Sharma’s specialty, even if he is one of the best hitters in the world. He did, however, make the costly error of attempting the pull shot in response to Livingstone’s flighted delivery.

Sharma’s Wicket was a turning point in the Game.

India fell down to 131/4 in the 16th over after Sharma’s wicket, which was a game-changing moment. India finally bounced back to score 198/9, but it was insufficient as England had just 19.2 overs to reach the mark.


As a result, Liam Livingstone’s wicket of Virat Kohli was a match-winning performance. Kohli mishit and was caught at deep midwicket because Livingstone tricked him with his leg-spin. The removal of Kohli, which took India to 131/4 in the 31st over, was a game-changing moment. England eventually chased down the target in 47 overs, thanks in part to Livingstone’s brilliant bowling performance.

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